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Forbidden love

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Princess Haley loves guided masturbation over the phone

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Guided masturbation

Now There is no actual definition for guided masturbation which was hard for me to believe Wikipedia had nothing on this.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How my lovely wife turned me into a cuckold husband

How my lovely wife turned me into a cuckold husband

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Training Of Princess Kitty - by Princess Phone Sex

The Training Of Princess Kitty

Meow baby

She looked up at him and squinted her eyes and snuggled further down into his lap. The brush tickled as he finished decorating her side with her new stripes, deep inside she purred at the attention. He carefully avoided getting any of the henna on her waist cincher or garters. He had done the tiger stripes on her legs much earlier and they had long since dried and the color deepened.

By tomorrow her body would be covered with dark stripes and her transformation would be complete. Tonight they would be lighter in color but still sexy looking. She would be his little kitty finally. Her leather mask fit snugly to her face and the dark eye shadow under it around her eyes made it look like she was partly made of leather, it flowed so seamlessly with her flesh. The two pointy ears on the mask were striped as well . . . to match her body now.

He finished and put the henna tube into the bowl beside him and reached down and stroked her hair. She squinted at him again and enjoyed the affectionate caresses. They had to wait a little while now for the henna to dry and finish staining her skin. She was excited to see how it looked, she felt so sexy already . . . she wanted to see it so badly.

His hand wandered down her back, the stripes on her spine nearly dry, his fingers tested each one with a gentle touch. She felt his cock hard under her as she curled up on his lap, she liked knowing she made him this hard. She let her mind wander and imagine lapping his cock, slowly but surely coaxing it to give her cream, like every good kitty loves.

As his hand began playing with her ass she opened her eyes back up. He was teasing the crack up to the small of the back where there was no henna markings. She wiggled a little because it tickled so badly but, she also liked it. It sent shivers up her spine and made her want to get on all fours and stretch out to be pet all over.

She spread her legs a little to invite him to keep up the tickling further down, hoping his fingers would wander. He laughed and stopped all together. She glanced up at him with a pouty look and crawled down from his lap. She went on all fours across the floor to her bowl and began to lap at the cool cream, making sure to let a little dribble down her chin so when she looked at him it gave the desired impression. He smiled and adjusted his cock in his pants and she knew it had worked.

Turning she wiggled her ass at him playfully as she pranced away. He stomped his foot and patted his lap for her to return. She acted like she hadn't heard him until he cleared his throat. She turned and looked back with her best surprised kitty look and he smiled and made a gesture with his finger calling her to him. She glanced away and then back and his face became much less playful as he beckoned her to him. She smiled and pranced back to him.

He pet her head when she returned and examined the henna stripes. They were dry enough so he began to brush the henna away and wash her off. He was very careful in the cleaning of her, making sure to not stain the black satin of the cincher and ruin the outfit. He loved the way the satin glistened in the rooms ambient light.

After cleaning her arms and body he let his hands play down her legs, across the smooth silk of her stockings and then hooked his finger tips into the elastic tops and gave them a little snap. She started at the snap, not expecting it and gave him a reproachful glance which made him smile.

You've been a very good kitty baby. He said stroking her hair. She squinted at him and purred. So I got you a special treat . . . would you like to see? She nodded vigorously. She loved new toys. He smiled and motioned her to stay and got up to go get the surprise.

As soon as he was gone, she climbed into his chair and snuggled down. As he returned and motioned her down to the floor again and she climbed back down with a pouty look. But the pout didn't last long as she saw the big box he carried. She had no idea what it could be but it was good sized whatever it was and there was a second box on top of it to boot, smaller . . . maybe jewelry? No. . .too big for that. But two boxes were always better then one.

She pranced over to him and rubbed on his legs as he tried to walk. He laughed and stepped over her and returned to his chair. Sitting down he placed both boxes on the floor in front of him and she came over and gave them a sniff. He stroked her hair and then took the smaller package and placed it to the side and pushed the big box to her.

She grinned and opened the brightly colored box and then glanced at him questioningly. He smiled and pulled the contents out. It was a large chrome scratching post with a wide flat base that had padding on it. On one side of the scratching post was a chrome vibrator strapped to it with a remote the he picked up. He turned it on and she jumped back and hissed at the strange noise but soon got used to it and sniffed at it and then looked back at him.

It's your scratching post baby. He said smiling an evil smile. So you don't go around and ruin the furniture. . .heres something for you to use instead.

She smiled back and then turned and started to walk away. They say you cannot train cats to do what they don't want to do and she decided she wasn't going to use the post. It is after all a cats prerogative to not play with a toy she decided. he laughed and she turned back to him, that was not the response she had expected.

I didn't figure you'd use it right away, which is what the other surprise was for. Opening the other box he took out a sparkly collar for her and a short chain leash. To train you to use it like a good kitty.

Now she was torn, she wanted the collar but not the leash. It was a very pretty collar and it would look so nice on her. Finally she decided the collar was worth it and pranced back over to him. He placed the collar on her neck and pulled it just snug, testing with two fingers to make sure there was plenty of room for her to be comfortable.

Taking the leash in one hand and picking up the post with the other he led her across to the open center of the floor. She pranced playfully, feeling very pretty like a princess with her new collar. He placed the post on the ground and with her leash pulled her back on it so that her legs went to either side. She wasn't sure she liked this so much and maybe the collar wasn't worth the leash.

Using the remote her turned the vibrator on and she jumped at the noise between her legs. Stroking her hair he calmed her down and she began to feel curious about this new toy. As he applied gentle pull to the leash she backed up more until the post was between her legs.

Try it for me baby. He said and caressed her hair. She leaned back a little further until she just barely touched the vibrator with her pussy lips. The vibrations tickled through her and she grinned and let out a purr. . . this felt good. She began to rub up and down gently on it and allowed her pussy lips to open as she became more and more aroused. He juices had started to flow and soon the vibrator was starting to get slippery as she slid up and down on it.

He pulled back a little more on the leash and she pressed it into her slit as she leaned back onto her. Her weight on the base made it very sturdy so she could push against it as she wanted to. The feel of it sliding up and down her pussy was incredible. She began to grind up and down on it harder.

She looked at him and he was smiling at her. Good kitty . . . see? The scratching post is a fun toy isn't it? She squinted at him and went back to grinding her pussy on it. She could feel she was getting wet enough that her juices were dripping onto the chrome post making a little bit of a mess.

He knelt down in directly in front of her. Such a good princess kitty for me aren't you? She squinted her eyes in a kitty smile to him. His free hand undid his pants button and zipper and he reached in and pulled his cock and balls out. He was hard as a rock and hung right in front of her face, cock bobbing up and down with his breathing ever so slightly.

Go ahead baby. He said to her and she quickly gobbled him in. As she was grinding against the vibrator and began to suck his cock in a frenzy. He clicked the vibrator up a notch and she purred in pleasure. His cock was nice and thick and perfect to suck on, she slid her face almost all the way down it, taking him nearly all into her mouth at once.

He pulled back so that just his cock head was in her mouth and she was about to pout when he gave the leash a tug and began to pull her face down on his cock. He pulled her down on his cock and then pulled the leash back and pulled her face back up almost off him. She readjusted her stance so that she could grind her pussy hard in time with his pulling.

He began to pull her up and down on his cock faster, stroking the shaft as she sucked him. The first taste of precum made her shiver in excitement. She wanted cream. She sucked and licked as she was pulled up and down his cock.

He clicked the vibrator up all the way and she began to shake, it felt so good. She couldn't concentrate on sucking him as she ground her pussy on the post. All she could do was suck as she trembled. He did the rest, pulling her up and down his cock faster and faster as he got closer to cumming.

She started to moan and shake hard as she was cumming, unable to continue to grind, she was frozen as the orgasm took her. He pushed her back hard onto the post and held her there as she came, a long low wail coming from deep in her as the orgasm ripped through her body.

He was still fucking her face as he held her there, pumping his shaft with his hand fast. He was sweating and moaning and she knew he was going to be coming soon. She sucked harder as she tasted more precum, the salty warm taste flooding her mouth.

He groaned loudly and pump his cock hard a last time and then began to cum. he shot a huge load of cum in her mouth, the hot sticky liquid filling her mouth and squishing out and down her chin. Her own orgasm was still leaving her with after shocks as she sucked and swallowed and licked him. He stroked his shaft again and again and shoved his cock far into her mouth as he was milked dry by her mouth, sucking him so sweet.

Finally done he backed up a little and allowed her off the post. She was shaking like a leaf and barely able to stay on all fours. He sat back on his heels, his cock slowly going soft. She moved up and took his half hard cock into her mouth and sucked and nibbled it until he fidgeted and pulled back. She smiled at him with her cum covered face and wiggled her ass.

See Miss Kitty? Scratching posts are our friends. They are good things aren't they? He said with a big grin. She grinned and rubbed against him, squinting a smile at him and purring in contentment. Who said you can't train a kitty?

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The Sex Nymph by Princess Phone Sex

I saw her in the waterfall from across the azure lake. The water was like glass so it reflected her perfectly as she washed herself. In this lonely place I am sure she expected to be alone but I was here and I watched. I watched and I must say, I coveted. 

Her body was not some skinny lil girls body, it was a woman's form, full of curves and swaying hips. Like a woman should be, real and alive and enticing. The water drained down her skin and her hair, which I imagine was more blonde then it looked, was matted and wet and hung down below her shoulders. Her hands went over her large breasts that hung in that sexy way that only natural breasts can. 

As I watched I felt a twinge of guilt in staring at her but I couldn't look away. Ducking down into the bushes I watched her and was mesmerized. As her hands played over her wet flesh I found myself aroused more then I could explain. This excitement not only of the body, but deeper hungers aroused in me. I had to keep watching her. 

She washed her hair and I wished I could touch it, feel it, rub it on me. I wished I could touch her body, feel her slippery skin under my trembling fingers. She was so far away but I swear I could smell her, I could smell the sweet, musky smell of arousal from her. She loved being there and loved being free enough to do anything. I loved it too. 

As I watched I undid my jean shorts and slid them off and then pulled off my shirt. I had to get naked. . .it felt so wrong to be clothed watching her. I didn't even think of the consequences if she should catch me, I didn't care. My cock hung free and hard, aching to be touched by her. 

I saw a group of water reeds to one side of her, closer and easily large enough to hide me. My heart beat a mile a minute as I made the choice and silently slipped into the cold water. Without a sound I crept closer and closer to her, making sure not to disturb the glass like lakes surface any more then necessary to move. I had to be as close as I could be to her, to see her better, to know her. 

It took me 15 minutes to cross that short distance so slow and carefully did I move and she was still playing in the waterfall. She had a laugh I could hear now, like sunshine and happiness. She took such joy in the cascading water and feeling it on her bare skin. She danced under it like a child. . .or maybe a pixie from a fairy tale I had never read. 

Peering through the reeds I watched her and my hand naturally found my cock under the water. She was running her hands over her belly and one sliding between her legs. Her other hand pulled on one of her nipples and she began to pleasure herself, the hand between her legs touching her in some great way. her eyes shot open and she laughed like this was the first time she had ever felt it and spread her legs more. 

She turned slightly and I could see between her legs as her fingers probed into her inner folds and spread herself wide open. The cold spray washing over her pussy and sending chills up my spine as well as hers. I could almost taste her from here. She swung her head back and forth and the wet hair smacked on her back and she wiggled her ass in delight. She was loving life. 

As she began to get more serious about things, she slid two fingers into her pussy and began to fuck herself harder. She pushed her ass out a lil more and my view was that much better of her wonderful show. She was leaning against the stone of the waterfall face as she played with herself, holding herself up against it's cold, unyielding surface. 

Her squeals of delight became more earnest and hungry sounding as she fucked herself for me to see. My stroking was more frantic as I watched and imagined taking her like that, penetrating her pussy and fucking her so hard she had to grab the stone to keep upright. My hands on her succulent breasts as they swayed to the fucking. Our bodies slapping together in a wonderful wet splatter of sex.  

She was trembling and I saw her fingers falter in their purpose . . . she was so close she was having trouble keeping the pace up. My cock slamming into her would be so much better, my mind screamed. God I needed to be in that sweet pussy. Her fingers renewed their efforts and I could almost hear the wet sloppy sounds of her fucking herself. 

I was trying not to make a sound, but needing to scream out, I was so close and it felt so good. As I fucked my hand in the water, I was in her. I was fucking her like a demon from a distance. She felt it, I know she did. She responded and ground her hips onto her hand to feel the full length of my cock. 

She braced herself as I fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster. Her fingers so deep into her pussy my balls slapped her ass cheeks. Oh God, my mind screamed, she felt so good. 

She cried out in a deep bestial way, some primal scream that echoed through out the glade and she started to cum. I fucked harder and harder into her, I had to fill her, leave her dripping me down her thighs. I could feel it in my balls, the ache getting so intense I would explode. I fucked into her as she slumped against the stone. Fast and hard until I was ready to burst. 

Stifling a cry I let loose and began to fill her wet pussy. A geyser of hot cum erupted out of me and filled her. the cold water making it feel so much better as I shot load after load of cum. My fist was so tight, just like her sweet pussy was. I came and came, I didn't think I would ever stop, I would just keep going until I was nothing left. I couldn't cry out so I bit my lips until I bled into my own mouth. 

Then I was done and panting quietly. I was quivering like a virgin in the water watching her. She sat down next to the waterfall on a rock and tried to catch her breath. She was spent and happy but still she played with her pussy gently to enjoy the aftershocks. 

Then she slid one finger into her pussy and withdrew it and I nearly screamed. It came out covered in my thick cum mixed with hers. She was laughing and playing with my cum as I felt a surge of panic starting in me. How? What? HOW? 

As I tried to make my way quickly to where my clothing was I looked back and she was fingering herself and then licking me off her hand when she pulled it out. She was dripping me into a puddle under her ass and savoring my taste on her fingers. 

I pulled myself up on the shore and turned again and she was gone. The waterfall was empty and I was alone. She had just vanished. Glancing around I tried to find her and couldn't, there was no one there. And then a splashing sound. Very feint, very far away. 

I saw the ripple as something slipped through the water effortlessly. Something which was almost water itself. Something I could not see. There was a laugh, like sunshine and then the ripple was gone.  

Pulling on my clothing I was shaking. unsure of what had happened, of where I had been. But I marked the spot on the map. I knew I would be back. The thing that scared me was, I knew she knew I would be back as well. 

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Princess Phone Sex COCK CONTEST!

Princess Phone Sex COCK CONTEST!

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